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If my mother is Maharashtrian,
my father is Bihari,
my mother is Muslim,
my father is Christian,
my office is in Mumbai,
my wife and kids are in Delhi,
my mother tongue is Hindi,
my fluency is in Marathi,
my mother is an SC/ST,
my father is casteless,

Can you tell me
which half must be circumsized,
which half must be baptized,
which half may live in this city without fear,
which half must return to penury,
which half must apply for reservation,
which half must resent the other half?

I have only one mind, one body, one soul,
tear me apart for I belong
to a hundred places, identities and castes.
Or let me live as an Indian.


Wow!!!! When we will start thinking simple like this so that we can see better the realities around us?! Awesome!

10:14 PM

brilliant! now if only people didn't vote in blocs over communal lines we would sort these issues out sooner.

5:48 AM

and what a way to put it!!!

2:02 AM

6:53 PM

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