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I've been remiss w.r.t. the blogging scene for some time now, partly due to personal reasons and partly due to the demise of my blogrolling links. I'm very lazy without it, because I've accumulated quite a bunch of valuable blogger friends whose posts I like reading. Don't know how many of you utilize the blogrolling service (, but I'm sure those of you that do, have noticed that it hasn't been working for a couple of months now.

So, I dug back into my programming background (I swore to myself I would never code another line again after college...but some promises are made to be broken, I guess) and came up with blogLinx, a stripped down version of the essential services provided by

At the moment, if you register at blogLinx (, you can add up to 50 blog links to your own link list. The service is very self-explanatory.

And here's the best part: you can import your links from! All it takes is pasting the url link that blogrolling provided you. For example, my blogrolling url is:

Of course, keep in mind the maximum number of links you can add to blogLinx - 50.

Currently, blogLinx is free. I intend to keep it that way.

Instructions for accessing your link list from your blog site are provided to you once you register and log in to blogLinx.

So, join me at And feel free to email me with any comments/questions! Appreciate your time and help.

Enjoy connecting.


dude, get some vc funding, and start rolling in the money.. the way i see it, they stop a service you're used to, and what do you do? you make your own version... so the next time (correction,make it first time) i have a tech related idea, i'll come running to you for the tech part of it..:)

9:39 PM


thank you yaar. i work in private equity (later phase funding), so the thought has crossed my mind. I need to get some scale first and figure out a way to make money without charging users and using invasive ads...if you have any suggestions, let me know.

also open to any ideas you have.

5:26 AM

good idea


( reply 2 ur comment in my blog)

for nursery admission - parents have tension.., a 3 yr old have no tension -- they are tension free.

but i really hate the idea of interview for lkg students!

8:02 AM

I registered and that worked fine, but now when I try to visit, all I get is:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '"' in /misc/25/000/097/765/6/user/web/ on line 97

This is on both Safari and Firefox on Mac 10.4.8.

9:57 PM

Are you sure Blogrolling is dead? It seems working fine on my blog and am able to still add and delete links..though I do remain curious how they make money serving blogrolls, if at all.

3:36 AM

They're not truly dead. But on account of spammers jamming their pinging forum, they don't update their links as well as they used to. You will notice that when you visit most users' link lists. Also, if you check out their discussion forum, it is full of users complaining of their update feature not working.

5:14 AM

Problem duly noted and resolved! Please try to login again. Thanks for bringing it to my notice.

8:40 AM

abhishek, good work man...i am planning to transition to bloglinx soon...just that i am too lazy to add the links.

12:52 AM

abhishek, i just saw the importlinks option...which is the blogrolling url that is needed?

1:07 AM


thanks man

if you already have blogrolling set up and running on your site, there should be a piece of code in your html template for your blog that looks something like long list of characters after this)

Extract this url and paste it in the import links option. And enjoy!

4:04 AM

Hey, abhishek - have been looking for an alternative to blogrolling, and have just moved to bloglinx.

I just have one small problem: I cannot delete or re-order my links. The individual delete links against each entry in my link list appears not to be working.

Any ideas on what I should do? Thanks!

12:29 AM


this is a general mail which am sendin to few postin it as comment coz i dint get ur mail ID..please delete the comment after u read it..

I believe you are a regular reader of Silverine's blog and
..I was wondering if I could manage to collect birthday greetings (which falls on July 6th) for her from all her regular readers ...and post it in the blog...

It would be great if you could send me scanned copy of a handwritten message or a mail message itself so that I can consolidate all of em..

It would be nice if the messages are not restricted to one liners and are funny in typical silverish way!!! ;-P

Hopin for a response from all of you...Please let fellow regular Poomanam or Think pad readers aware of it..

Dont forget to include your blog URL's and names in the message..



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