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My company is a pretty tight group. We try to indulge in some literary creativity in our off hours, as the rest of our time is spent poring over rather boring legal documents.

Colleague 1: I've added the 9'o clock breakfast on Fridays to my schedule.
Colleague 2: Oh, you mean the one in the lobby?
Colleague 1: Yeah, I have two breakfast"es" on Fridays now.
Colleague 2: Do you say breakfast"es" or breakfast?
Colleague 1: Maybe it's breakfii...


or breaksfast?

6:04 AM

LOL :))

7:39 AM

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6:52 AM

double -break??? as in tennis?

6:52 AM

very believable...there are times wen my friends realise all of a sudden that theyve been talkin total nonsense for several minutes now.. ;)

6:36 AM

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