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When a major news outlet like CNN chooses to focus on a humanitarian issue on its front page, it naturally draws attention. Today's focus, widows in India, is particularly interesting to read not because of the article itself, but more so for the reactions of its readers.

On the one hand, you can find a large contingent of Indians quite proud of their heritage and culture and offended by the article.

"I am absolutely outraged at some of the responses here on this story. By focusing on a few cases, the story tries to portray Hinduism in an extremely poor light." - Rohit

"This is at most an isolated case. Hindu tradition and Indian society hasn't ever sanctioned this nonsense. It's believed that yes, dying in certain places in the world does allow one to liberate their soul, but that applies to ANYONE, not just widows." - Varun

"I think this is a grossly exaggerated story. Why is it that CNN always seems to be interested in picking only the negative things about India? Did the author not find a good populace of remarried widows? " - AK

Are they justified? Is CNN making a generally false statement about Hinduism or India? After examining the facts that CNN puts forth, I too am forced to conclude that this is a shoddily written article. Something that belongs to the likes of the 700 Club and Geraldo Rivera. Certainly not of the caliber that one can expect from CNN.

First, Vrindavan draws a disproportionate number of widows. So 15,000 widows in a city of 50,000 is disturbing. But, how do you judge 15,000 homeless widows against a country with 40 million widows? In order to do that, we need to collect data on the total population of homeless widows in India. Let's sit down and chat after that, because till then, all you have is anecdote and conjecture and little else. I don't deny that there is an issue, but I can't appreciate an issue with such flimsy facts. There may be more homeless widows out there, but unless you make the effort to reach out and count them, how do you make people realize the severity of the issue?

Second, there are flimsy attempts to examine the reasons for widow ostracization.

"An educated woman may have money and independence, but even that is snatched away when she becomes a widow." Is it just me or does this statement not contradict itself? What does it mean to have independence when it can be snatched away?

One widow's experience though draws light to what is quite possibly the main reason why widows find little support. Childlessness. To an audience fed on a capitalist society where individuals bear responsibility and joblessness is a negligable factor, that a childless widow has no recourse to support may come as a surprise. But, to a society with a poor history of government social support networks and where a vast number of people rely on their families for support, childless widows are essntially deprived. But of course, it need not be that way. Certainly not in a civilized society. But instead of insisting on more economic growth and government reform, CNN would rather have you believe that this is an issue with Hindu traditions. Yes, it is to an extent, but not to the extent that you can generalize it and call it an "Indian" issue or a "Hindu" problem. Which brings me to my last point - what are India and Hinduism?

At the other end of the comments to the CNN article, you can find people with an unrealistic image of India. I suppose many of them are tired of hearing about Indian family values and how the country is forging ahead on economic terms. So they readily jump on a story like this because it fits that tiresome, Orientalist myth of a superstitious India torn apart by its blind beliefs. The problem here is perception of information. Many people and I'm not sure whether this is the effect of poor schooling, see black for black and white for white. Boys and girls, life isn't a cookie-cutter.

In the end, CNN like many other media outlets will always seek to highlight the news that generates the most controversy. I have yet to see any articles in popular media or elsewhere that offers a holistic examination of India's internal contradictions.

A while ago, Aishwarya Rai was interviewed by David Letterman and asked whether she stays with her parents. It was a deliberately prejudiced question that fetched an even poorer answer from Rai.

My answer to Letterman would have been that modern Indian youth do not necessarily stay with their parents. It can also be viewed that the parents live with them, because after a certain point, it's the younger members of a family who earn more than their previous generation. It's all a matter of perception. But, if you stop at perception, that's all you'll get. The golden standard of truth is further down a prickly road.

Both views of India - a family-loving nation and a widow-rejecting society - are jaundiced, narrow-minded views of a society that has extremes like any other society. In fact, it would more apt to say that India is not merely a society, it is a society of societies. Similarily, Hinduism is as diverse a set of beliefs as are Christianity and Islam. I know that this is rather disappointing news to folks like CNN because they would then have to spend more than a page on their website to cover "Indian society" and Hindu-"ism". It would mean doing some in-depth analysis of a multi-faceted socio-economic problem. I am almost tempted to tell CNN to stick to covering war zone stories and leave the analysis to the experts. Or should I be berated for expecting the golden standard from an attention-deficit media?


The insinuation that this is a common practice in Hindu society in India today is completely bogus and blatantly untrue. Story on India = shocking or exotic. The editors at CNN need to grow out of the elephant/snake-charmer vision of India, seriously. The story of the destitute widows of Varanasi is one of human tragedy. But the cruelty meted out to them is an exception, not a rule. It speaks more about the depraved mentality of the children and extended families of the victims who throw them out, than of Hindu society in general. THIS is the distinction that the CNN story conveniently avoids. It's like reporting a story on the murders of homeless on the streets of America's cities and leaving the story open-ended to show that that's how Christian America treats the poorest of its citizens. However, it is shameful that such a situation still exists in this day and age in India today, in however small a scale. That said, there is nothing more ironic than an American news organization lecturing Eastern societies on how to take care of the elderly! Coming from a country where there is no concept of 'respect', and where it is an accepted part of life to be put in a 'home' once you are past your use-by date, only to be visited once every two years by the same children that you once parented, it is a bit rich!!

5:12 PM


Look at the CNN story highlights as shown on the website:

Story Highlights
1. India's Hindu widows can't remarry, are forced to shave heads and wear white

2. Widow says her son told her she was too old and to "go away"

3. A women's group is seeking change, has set up refuge for widows

4. There are an estimated 40 million widows in India

1. is blatantly false. I challenge CNN to produce evidence that Hinduism practises as part of its core beliefs.
2. is pathetic evidence - is this really the best CNN can do to prove this is a widespread practise in India.
3. is encouraging
4. Ya, so what? There's a billion people in India! What did you expect? 4 widows?

Its unbelievable these days what passes off as news these days.

5:55 PM

Hi Shubho and Abhishek,

I read all your reviews. Kudos for your analysis of that dumb article. The West presumes that Hindus have hard beliefs. They do not want to learn about the great mystery called Hinduism, nor they are capable of understanding it as they are used to go by book. It will be completely foreign to them. Best they can do is to ShutUp! I used to have high opinion about CNN, and I follow Glenn Beck (even though he is rightwing, I try to see his logic/illogic), melodramatist Nancy Grace. I will stop all my further following of those channels and web page. Hope all of Indians do this too... just to show your consumer power, until they confess the truth. The writer of the article did not even go to India.

9:26 PM

cnn stopped being a news network long time ago... so since being in the us I haven't watched it at all...

10:23 AM

probably such things will go on until we have a desi bbc that's broadcast all around the world. i wonder why no indian channel has done it yet.

10:57 AM

CNN= Clinton News Network

or perhaps

Communist News Network

9:45 AM

Could the truth be somewhere in between? Both thousands of Indians ostracized by society and 40 million widows are not far from veracity.

5:30 PM


obviously we are outraged by this article. One of us questions the veracity of the article and then goes on to say "The writer of the article did not even go to India." now where is the proof of that? aren't we getting a little jingoistic here?
CNN is, like all other media outlets, a commercial vehicle. news is controversy now. yes, the report should have certainly added that this is not the entire picture, but it doesn't disqualify what has been said. There ARE widows left for dead. no doubt about that. and yes, they ARE hindus. i wouldn't be able to comment on whether or not hinduism propagates widow abandonment because my knowledge of the matter is minimal, but i sincerely doubt that it does.
The point is, you and I, and anyone who cares to read the news is smart enough to take sieve the information and take what is important. so lets do that. Trust me, the world doesnt think of india as just the land of snake charmers. they are smarter than that.

1:59 AM

I would tend to agree with anshu bora. While much of this reporting is clearly exaggerated, the facts are there for everyone to see. And I don't think we should get defensive everytime anyone points these kind of (real) issues to the world at large. I think we get more postive press on other issues as a nation that ever before. I would rather choose exaggerated reporting to ignoring our ills altogether (local press or world press, does it really make a difference?).

6:45 AM

@shantanu and anshu
I disagree. If we ignore the orientalist bias wherever we view it, we encourage a myopic view of India and Hinduism and condone the bias.

The question isn't positive or negative press. There can be genuinely negative aspects about a religion as it's practised, especially our caste system, which can be observed in various, but not all Hindu texts. CNN would do much better to cover the caste system as it's still observed in India than make a generalization about a system of beliefs. It's about teaching the press to report the truth with qualifiers.

Let me borrow this quote from Arthur Dudney, a grad student in South Asian Studies at Columbia University, who writes for SAJA, South Asian Journalists Association.

What is at work here is, I think, an unfortunate double standard. If the reporting had followed a religious community in the United States, modifiers like “generally” and categories like “many members” would have been judiciously employed when discussing the community’s religious beliefs. No major newspaper would ever print a statement like, “America’s 77 million Catholics believe that abortion is wrong.”

7:49 AM

This is the most amazing article. My grandmother was widow for 20 years and my 'grandmohter aunty' (mean aunty of my father) is still widow after 40 years or so and both of them are constant source of desciplining my mother and aunties. They are constant presence in every sphere of our acticvities. So is every widow in my village, which is in central India. I have never known any widow being sent off to Brindavan or anywhere. THere are widows there, no doubt, but they might be unfortunate mothers of people living on the footpaths of metros like Delhi. It might be just economics, poor people. It is unfortunate if we ascribe the evils of economic disparity to the traditions.

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